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1. Owner of the domain

In accordance with Law 34/2002, dated July 11, on Information and E-Commerce Services of the Company, we inform users that the owner of this domain is the Onet Le Château Football club 12850 ONET LE CHATEAU as a sports club, RNA: W122001872, association law 1901 declared in the French Prefecture on 03/17/1971 and published on 03/28/1971.

Those in charge of editing the website are the President of the Onet Le Château Football club, Mr. Eric Luban, and the Communication Manager of the Onet Le Château Football club and webmaster, Mr. Patrick Pfeiffer.

2. Objective and scope

These conditions of use of the site   allow free distribution to the public and supporters, in particular sports, institutional and social information. We also offer them products and services offered by the Onet Le Château Football club, or Onet Le Château Football partners / collaborators who may be of interest to them.

The user is subject to the policies and conditions corresponding to this site, and any changes must be indicated. In this sense, Onet Le Château Football reserves the right to make changes to the information on its site, to its configuration or presentation, or to the conditions of access. Users will be notified according to legal conditions.

The use of this site, as well as the request for information, includes a registration in certain cases. You can also make purchases (as for tickets for matches for example) and in this sense you will have to accept, without exception, the general conditions of purchase before continuing your request. 

3. Contents of the service

Onet Le Château Football cannot guarantee that no errors will be present on the site or in its contents, as well as viruses or any other element that may cause damage to the user's computer. Onet Le Château Football will do everything possible to correct its errors so that the user is not disturbed in his procedures.

Onet Le Château Football is not responsible for any damage or interference, omissions, interruptions, viruses, faults and / or disconnections during operations with the user's electronic device, or its devices not involving any liability. Onet Le Château Football, or for any problem causing a delay on the server, bugs or slowdowns on navigation due to your connection and not attributable to Onet Le Château Football but to the user, to a third party or to a force majeure.

4. Information provided on the site

If there should be an error in the information contained on the site, it will be corrected immediately. Likewise, part of the content of the site may be provisional and vary thereafter.

5. Intellectual and industrial property

The texts, images, logos, identity symbols, sounds, animations, videos, source codes and other content included on the site are the property of Onet Le Château Football. In certain cases, they can be exploited or used, and in this regard, they are protected by the applicable national and international legislation in matters of intellectual and industrial property. Consequently, the total or partial use of any content (text, logo, images, diagram, etc.) appearing on the Onet Le Château Football website, as well as any copy, reproduction, adaptation, modification or transformation of the content is strictly prohibited without the prior authorization of Onet Le Château Football, which, in all circumstances, must be written.

6. Hyperlinks and / or links

Among its content, the Onet Le Château Football website includes links to other sites managed by third parties in order to facilitate user access to information on the Internet. However, Onet Le Château Football cannot be held responsible for the existence of links from third party websites to other pages which are not associated with Onet Le Château Football. The links on the Onet Le Château Football website are offered to the user of the Onet Le Château Football website for informational purposes only, but in no case does this imply that Onet Le Château Football is either guarantor or offering to 'a service and / or information that could be offered by third parties through these links. 

In this sense, Onet Le Château Football will not be held responsible for the services and / or information provided on a website whose link is included on its own site. Onet Le Château Football does not control or exercise any form of surveillance when a link is present on the site However, the use of links to other sites does not in any way assume responsibility or ownership of the content of these sites, and there is no form of supervision, ownership of any change or information concerning the site. . Onet Le Château Football advises users of other sites to read all the legal conditions presented on these sites. The presence of websites not belonging to Onet Le Château Football through hypertext links for advertising, commercial or associative purposes without its consent and / or prior authorization is strictly prohibited. 

In any case, the existence of hypertext links on sites not belonging to Onet Le Château Football in no way implies the existence of commercial, commercial or other relations with the owner of the site which creates the hypertext link, nor any acceptance by Onet Le Château Football of its content, opinions or services.

7. Liability for the content of hyperlinks

Onet Le Château Football declines all responsibility for any damage that may be caused by:

  • Operation, failure or accessibility of the sites on its official page.

  • The maintenance of any information, content or service existing on the sites present on its official page.

  • The content or disclosure of information or services that exist on these sites.

  • The quality, legality or reliability of the content and services existing on the sites present on its official page.

  • Violation of law, morality or good practice as a result of disclosure, storage and third party content.

  • Violation of intellectual or industrial copyright, honor rights, personal privacy rights, family rights, personal image rights or rights relating to the communication of personal information by third parties.

  • Carrying out acts of unfair competition or illegal advertising.

  • These contents are not true, precise or up to date.

8. Conditions of use of the site by users

Access to the site is of the user's own free will. In general, he agrees to use the website, as well as the content and services it offers, in a reasonable, correct and legal manner, while complying with the general conditions and refraining from using the website of in such a way as to prevent, damage or deteriorate its normal functioning, or the rights and obligations of Onet Le Château Football, its suppliers, other users and, in general, a third party. Minors cannot access or use the site without the consent of their parents or legal guardians. In particular, when using the site the user undertakes not to:

  • Reproduce in any way, even in the form of a hyperlink, the official site of Onet Le Château Football or all of its content, unless this is done with the written permission of Onet Le Château Football authoritative.

  • Do not remove or misuse the rights or other details identifying the rights of its owners included in the content, or technical protection systems, or any other information mechanism that may contain the content. 

  • Modify, reprogram, modify, adapt or translate any source code on this site. Any partial or total reproduction of the source code of the site on a medium and for any reason whatsoever will be considered as an unauthorized copy. 

  • Enter, store or disclose on the site any information or material that may be defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, inciting violence, discriminatory in terms of race, sex, ideology, religion or any other form, or any affront to morality, public order, fundamental rights, public liberty, honor, privacy, the image of third parties or, in general, applicable legislation. 

  • Enter, store or disclose on or from the site, any program, data, virus, code or any other electronic or physical device that may cause damage to the site or to any equipment, system or network of Onet Le Château Football, or any other user, or to sponsors, collaborators, suppliers, etc. Onet Le Château Football, or, in general, to a third party. 

  • Perform actions for advertising or commercial purposes using this site, or use the content or information from this site to serve advertising or to send messages for commercial purposes or to collect and store personal data of third parties.

  • Using false identities or assuming the identity of other people when using the site or using passwords, or similar access codes. 

  • Destroy, alter, use for its own purposes, render unusable or damage the data, information, programs or electronic documents of Onet Le Château Football, or those of its sponsors, collaborators, suppliers or third parties. 

  • Enter, store or disclose through the website any content that infringes the law on intellectual or industrial property, or the trade secrets of third parties, and in general any content for which the user does not have the legal right to provide to third. In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the IP addresses of the users must be stored for the period of time determined by the law, in order to be able to detect the compliance of the applicable legislation with the users. If content is published or if comments that could be considered violations or crimes are, site administrators may block, complain or remove any content or message in accordance with the above criteria.

9. Registration

Generally, the use of the site's services does not require prior registration or subscription by users. However, there are services, such as participating in surveys, sweepstakes and games, or subscribing to newsletters, etc. where it is necessary to register as a user. This registration must be carried out, as indicated, in the service and the data provided will only be used for the purposes and under the guarantees indicated in the legal notices contained in the registration forms or instructions.

In this sense, the user must provide information that is specific to him, correct, truthful and lawful as requested on the user registration form, and must keep this information up to date. The user is solely responsible for any false or imprecise statements made. Consequently, Onet Le Château Football cannot be held responsible for the veracity or accuracy of the data provided by users.

In addition, if after registering, a user receives a specific name, code and / or password, he agrees to make good use of it and to keep it secret. The user undertakes not to transfer its use to a third person, neither temporarily nor permanently, nor to allow access to other people. The user is responsible for the use of the services by any illegitimate third party of a password as a result of misuse or loss on the part of the user.

Onet Le Château Football must ensure at all times that the principles governed by the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data are respected, by making compulsory only the provision of essential data to offer the services of the site and guarantee in all take appropriate measures to ensure security and integrity, in accordance with legal requirements for each type of case.

10. Onet Le Château Football liability waiver

In no event is Onet Le Château Football liable for any of the types of circumstances listed below, which serve as examples for illustrative purposes only, or for any damage that may result therefrom, against which it cannot and is not required to provide a guarantee:

a) Possible security errors that may be produced as a result of the use of computers infected with a virus;

b) the use by third parties of elements belonging to Onet Le Château Football which cause confusion of identity;

c) violation of industrial and intellectual copyright by third parties;

d) non-compliance by third parties that may affect users of the Onet Le Château Football site;

e) the website or one of its services does not function properly for causes not attributable to Onet Le Château Football;

f) the consequences derived from a faulty browser or the use of outdated versions thereof.

Onet Le Château Football cannot be held responsible for the violation by its users of the conditions contained in this legal notice, or of the use of the services and content accessible via this site. Any damage that could be caused by a user adopting the personality of a third party in any communication made via this site will be the responsibility of the person who made it, because Onet Le Château Football cannot control the authenticity of the contents. or information provided by users of the site.

11. Privacy Policy. Protection of personal data

The user may be required to send his personal data to Onet Le Château Football through various forms included on the site. These forms include the corresponding privacy policy in which the processing of the user's personal data is reported, as well as the purposes of the processing, how the rights can be exercised, etc.

In any case, if you have any doubts or questions about the processing of personal data by Onet Le Château Football, you can contact our data protection officer by writing to the postal address indicated in the following section: contact @ onetfoot .com.

For any suggestion, request or complaint, users can contact Onet Le Château Football via any current communication channel:

  •   Telephone:

  • Email:

  •   Mail: Onet Le Château Football 12850 ONET LE CHATEAU

13. Cookies

Onet Le Château Football declares that in order to improve and facilitate navigation, the site uses cookies and IP storage. The cookie is a file which is deposited in the user's system and which is used to facilitate navigation on the site (a cookie cannot contain viruses or be executed, because it is not a file. active). This cookie can only be read by Onet Le Château Football and by the user, and can be deleted by accessing the browser options.

14. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The current conditions must be governed by French and international legislation in force. 

In the event of a conflict or divergence as to the interpretation or application of these legal conditions, the courts dealing with the case are those provided for by the legislation in force in matters of competent jurisdiction, with regard to end consumers, to the place of compliance with the user's obligation or address. 

If the user resides outside of France, or if the case consists of a transaction carried out by a company, both parties must submit to French courts.

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