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They were frankly a handful of volunteers who exactly the

March 24, 1971 filed in the prefecture the statutes of Sports Awakening

des Quatre-Saisons, which was officially born alongside

our authorities only in 1972.

But you should still know that during the 1969/1970 season, the club

already existed in a Stade Ruthénois Quatre Saisons agreement.

Among them, there was Guy Bousquié, who will be the very first

assistant secretary, thus accompanying the secretary André Bousquié who

was none other than her daddy. At that time, Guy Bousquié only had

23 years.

How, on that date, could he have known that he had just signed in the

club Castonétois for a long road of 37 years with its club of heart.

                                                                   Guy Bousquié will serve football at Onet Le Château by occupying all                                                                      roles, that of player, through educator, committee leader                                                                       director to finally arrive at the Presidency for almost 20 years.

                                                                    Awakening Sportif, ESOC football, the club will have several names to become                                                                       today that of Onet le Château Football, and during these changes                                                                       Guy Bousquié will have contributed well to the development of the association,                                                                         to bring it to exceed the 400 licensees in the department and in                                                                        make an important and recognized club in Aveyron.

                                                                    Onet Le Château at the dawn of his 30 years, will ride with Guy Bousquié in                                                                       CFA, at the time, the same level as Rodez Aveyron Football.

                                                                    We can also note the club's victory in the Coupe de l'Aveyron in 1984,                                                                       just like accession to the League.


                                                                    Onet Le Château Football cannot be dissociated from this surname, because                                                                      we obviously think of Guy, but also of André his father, Yves,                                                                         Alain and Christian who was also an educator, also passing by                                                                             Sébastien and Pascal former managers and players of the club and many                                                                            obviously Bernadette his wife, essential leader of                                                                          years of ESOC Football.

Guy Bousquié will subsequently leave his place of President to Patrice Prieu,

André Pailhasse, Jean Louis Fric, the duo Eric Luban and Jean Louis Fric and

today to Eric Luban, current President.

We will also note, a Co-Presidency for Guy Bousquié with Antonio

Santiago, Castonétois entrepreneur.

Guy Bousquié will leave the club presidency for good in 2008.

Guy Bousquié had above all had the courage and the strength to practice

football for young people from the 4 seasons and subsequently from the Costes-Rouges,

to those who did not always have the means to exercise this activity


Today, as evidenced by a photo we post,

the "club house" of the brand new Municipal stadium in La Roque above

stands, now bears his "name", because future generations

will thus be able to know who was this father, friend and great founder of the club

of our municipality, which has given so much for this sport through all

these years.

Unfortunately for all of us, "Guy" passed away at the age of 72.

July 7, 2020, but beyond the physical aspect that we miss,

we know very well that from up there, he watches and watches scrupulously

on all licensees, managers, volunteers, educators and players

of the Onet Le Château Football club with the memory of this sentence that he

often liked to say to people around him:

"Have fun, be happy in this sport, flourish,

the rest will follow! ”.

Guy Bousquié 2
Guy Bousquié 1

Guy Bousquié

The former Georges Vignes stadium

For many years, the Municipal and main stadium of the club was the Georges Vignes stadium (Former chief magistrate of the city and correspondent for the daily Center Presse).

The Georges Vignes stadium was located on Boulevard des Capucines in

four seasons, at the former site of the Athyrium village hall.

As a reminder, during the installation of the stadium lighting it was Zinédine Zidane, whose wife Véronique is from Castontéoise, who came to inaugurate the modernization of this stadium.

In 2020, the Onet Le Château Football club under the leadership of the Mayor of the City, Jean-Philippe KEROSLIAN, the La Roque sports complex with its latest generation Synthetic stadium and its new Municipal stadium will be born on the same site .


Georges Vignes

The Georges Vignes stadium in photos

Stade Georges Vignes 4
Stade Georges Vignes 6
Stade Georges Vignes 9
Stade Georges Vignes 8
Stade Georges Vignes 7
Stade Georges Vignes 10
Stade Georges Vignes 12
Stade Georges Vignes 11
Stade Georges Vignes 5
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